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George Alexander Tuition is a premium tutoring company offering specialist maths and science tuition. We were founded by George Alexander, an experienced independent school maths teacher who lives, thinks, and breathes maths. George eschewed a corporate consultancy career to focus on making a difference on a 1-to-1 basis. He sought to recruit London’s finest teaching talent, and as a result, GA Tuition is comprised of an ideal blend of advanced pedagogy, experience, and enthusiasm.

Traditional teaching methods often overlook the psychological aspects of learning, yet most of the problems students have with learning maths and science are psychological. They find the subjects daunting, and their anxiety makes it even harder for them to learn. At George Alexander Tuition, we tackle the psychological barriers to learning STEM subjects head on. We break maths and science down into manageable pieces, so they are easily digestible. Our mission is to excite and engage our students, providing the encouragement that helps them realise their full potential.

Today’s young learners know that competition for the best university places and top jobs is fierce, and simply being competent at maths or science isn’t enough. That’s a lot of pressure to deal with. At GA Tuition, we ensure that our students don’t get overwhelmed by these pressures. Our tutors support students to learn at their own pace, whilst making sure that they find their lessons challenging and engaging. We foster an environment in which they are free to question, and through that our students flourish.

About our Head Tutor

George Alexander has taught maths as a private tutor as well as a teacher at an award-winning Independent School in London. In this demanding environment, George cemented his reputation as an educational leader, delivering maths lessons in an innovative way that captured the imagination of young learners whilst delivering the results that parents and school required. With extensive private-sector experience as a Mathematics Consultant and Data Analyst, George understands the potential of maths to unlock opportunity. He founded George Alexander Tuition to bring his expertise and enthusiasm for maths to even more young learners.

George understands the application of maths in the real world. He worked as a Mathematics Consultant for Pearson – owners of the Edexcel exam board – to develop a cutting-edge app for A-level/Calculus maths. Further to this, he held a consultancy post with a tech startup to support their development of a pioneering online 11 Plus course. George was also a data analyst for the world-renowned boutique brand Roland Mouret before taking up a Senior Analyst post with the NHS. His extensive experience in data analytics informs the way that George Alexander Tuition uses sophisticated data visualisations to teach our students.

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