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George Alexander Tuition isn’t a generic tutoring firm: we specialise in maths and science. Our tutors are highly qualified industry experts, well-grounded in the relevance of STEM subjects in the real world. Maths and science aren't just theories to us: they are how we model reality.


Led by our founder, George Alexander, maths tuition is our bread and butter. George has taught maths as a private tutor as well as a teacher at an award-winning Independent School in London. He also gained extensive private-sector experience as a Mathematics Consultant and Data Analyst and even worked as a Mathematics Consultant for Pearson – owners of the Edexcel exam board. This vast experience places GA Tuition at the forefront of meeting your child’s needs.

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We offer science tuition at every level ranging from primary school to A-Levels. Our senior science tutors take a holistic approach to tutoring, understanding that the psychological aspect of learning is paramount to academic success. At George Alexander Tuition, we tackle the psychological barriers to learning STEM subjects head on. We break science down into manageable pieces, so they are easily digestible. Our mission is to excite and engage our students, providing the encouragement that helps them realise their full potential.
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Home Tutor

At GA Tuition, we go one step further and offer your child a tailored homeschooling programme. We gather details on your child’s needs, strengths, and timetable, then devise a comprehensive individual learning programme tailored to their specific requirements. This option is ideal if you are pursuing homeschooling as an alternative to conventional schooling, or if your child has unique commitments (such as professional sports) that requires a tailored programme.
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