Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What subjects do you teach?
  • We provide specialist tuition in maths and science.

Q: Can my child receive tutoring online?
Q: What age group do you work with?
  • We usually support students aged from 10-18 years. However, we are also happy to support adult learners who are studying maths up to A-Level.
Q: Do you assess your students before starting tuition?
  • Yes, we assess all students during their first lesson using questions appropriate for their learning stage.
Q: Do you produce a learning plan/strategy before tuition begins? 
  • Our learning plans are based on our initial assessment.
Q: Do you offer exam coaching?
  • Yes, we offer tuition for students preparing for the 11 Plus, 11+ scholarship, 13+, GCSE, IGCSE, AS level and A level examinations.
Q: My child is dyslexic; can they still receive tuition? 
  • We aim to support all competent students to excel at maths and science. If your child has specific support needs, we can discuss that in more detail during the assessment process.
Q: How will you evaluate my child’s progress?
  • We track the progress of every student through a combination of homework, half-termly tests, and tracking their learning against their performance in school.
Q: Do you provide progress reports? 
  • We will send a feedback email after every single lesson.


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All of our services include an initial assessment, progress tracked against individual and school-based performance, and ongoing feedback by email.

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