It’s no secret that that science is behind many (if not most) of the advances in our quality of life. What’s more, studying science subjects at A-level and beyond gives your child access to some of the most lucrative career pathways out there. Yet the sciences are broad, complex subjects and children often need extra help to improve their grades. That’s why many parents turn to a private science tutor for help.

In this article, we examine why some children struggle with science, and give 5 reasons why you should hire a science tutor for your child.

  1. Private tuition makes science fun

There’s no escaping the truth: some aspects of science can be boring – it’s not all explosions and space travel. In fact, classroom science lessons are often heavy on algorithms and formulas that many children find dull (and difficult). In contrast, private tutors can design their lessons in a way that engages and excites the individual student. The more engaged the child, the more effectively they will learn.

  1. Private science tuition tackles anxiety head on

Science subjects are heavy on theory, and there are lots of different concepts for your child to get their head around.

This can make children anxious, especially if they’re struggling to understand or keep up with their classmates. What’s more, if they misunderstand some of the more complex ideas, their ability to grasp the wider subject will be affected. Unsurprisingly, this becomes a vicious cycle. Your child gets anxious, which makes it harder for them to learn, which makes them more anxious, and so on.

Often, anxious children just need a confidence boost, and a private science tutor can provide that. They will focus on the child’s strengths and work positively on areas for improvement. A science tutor can also spot any misunderstandings and correct them straight away, so your child won’t have to spend time “unremembering” the things they learnt wrongly.

As your child’s knowledge improves, they’ll see their marks improving too. Seeing this will massively impact their confidence in the subject, and they’ll realise that science isn’t as hard as they thought. It might even become a full-fledged passion!

  1. A science tutor can help your child prepare for their UCAT assessment

Medicine and Dentistry are two of the most competitive degree courses out there! The competition for places is fierce but getting the top A-Level grades alone won’t get your child a place on their dream course. They will also need to sit the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test). This assessment helps universities select candidates with the ability and attitude necessary to succeed in a career in medicine or dentistry. The test is delivered online, and it’s very different to traditional academic exams, so candidates often need extra help to prepare. That help comes in the form of coaching from an experienced science tutor who understands the UCAT assessment process. Our science tutors have over 10 years’ experience in supporting students to successfully pass their UCAT and realise their dreams of studying medicine. Contact us to find out more.

  1.  A science tutor provides individual teaching, tailored to your child’s needs

Science is a broad subject, covering topics from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. That’s a lot of ground to cover. As a result, class teachers often move quickly from topic to topic in order to cover the expansive syllabus. This can leave your child struggling to keep up with the rest of the class. Different science topics are also linked together, so a lack of understanding in one area will affect others.

A private science tutor will be able to focus on the specific areas where your child is struggling. If, for example, they haven’t quite grasped how ionic bonds work, their tutor can spend a full lesson focusing on that.

By focusing on the areas your child needs the most help in, your child’s tutor will help develop their overall understanding of science.

  1. Science tuition can improve career opportunities beyond school

It’s no secret that careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) are lucrative, SERIOUSLY lucrative. Think medicine, engineering, accountancy, and computer programming. To enter those careers, young people need to study STEM subjects at university. But they can’t get onto those university courses with any old A-Levels – universities have strict admissions criteria for STEM courses, and those criteria usually involve getting the top A-Level results in science and maths. Science tuition can help your child to get the results they need to open those doors.

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