There are several reasons why your child may need a private maths tutor. From building their confidence to passing exams, maths tuition can help your child in many ways. Thanks to the internet and the growth of remote learning, it’s never been easier for parents and children to access maths tuition. So how can you tell if your child needs the support of a tutor? 

In this post, we’ll cover some of the most common ways that maths tuition could help your child.

Building Confidence

Confidence is just as important as ability when it comes to learning maths. Students won’t perform as well in the classroom or exam hall if they lack confidence in their abilities. Many parents hire a maths tutor to support their child through milestone events like entrance exams and the 11-plus, but private tuition has benefits way beyond exam grades. Private tuition can be invaluable at any stage for building confidence and self-belief that your child needs to succeed.  

Lessons at your child’s pace

Maths lessons in school are aimed at the class, not the individual child. That’s all well and good, but if your child takes longer to work through complex problems, the classroom lessons may be too fast-paced. Equally, if your child is well ahead of the class average, then maths lessons in school may not be challenging them enough. A private maths tutor teaches your child on a 1-1 basis, allowing them, and not the demands of their classmates or curriculum, to set the pace. If your child is falling behind, or they need an extra challenge to stay motivated, private maths tuition could help.

Exam preparation

Children face many milestone exams between the ages of 11 and 18, including GCSEs, A-levels, the 11-plus and entrance exams. The results of these exams are pivotal for your child’s education, determining whether they get into prep school or university. Private maths tuition provides the extra momentum that many children need to pass their upcoming exams. The speed at which tuition will improve your child’s performance varies. It may take a tutor over six months to move your child from a low D grade to a good C or higher. So, if your child has an exam on the horizon, invest in a private maths tutor ahead of time. This will leave your child well-prepared for whatever challenges the test papers have in store.

Making maths fun

Maths has an image problem. Ask most young people to describe maths, and you’ll hear the words “boring” and “complicated” time and time again. These misconceptions are usually down to negative experiences of maths in the classroom – dreary lessons that bore your child, and poor explanations that leave them confused and anxious. If your child needs to rediscover the joy of maths, then private tuition can provide an extra-curricular, outside-the-box approach that brings the fun, as well as the learning.

Flexible learning opportunities

School maths lessons are delivered to fit around the school routines and resources. In reality, 9am may not be the best time for your child to absorb new information about maths, especially if they’re not a morning person. Private tuition, delivered in person or online, fits around your child’s schedule and their optimum learning times. For families who travel a lot with work, classroom learning often isn’t an option at all. If your child lives overseas for part of the year, an online maths tutor can “follow” them wherever they go. This provides a stable, consistent maths education that helps your child make the best progress possible, wherever they’re learning.

Real-world maths experience

Teaching is a special skill. However, it takes more than great teaching to help children appreciate the potential of maths to unlock their future. Many private maths tutors have extensive professional experience in industries like engineering, data analysis, I.T and finance. They understand how maths works in the real world, and they can pass that understanding on to your child. So, a private tutor may be just the person your child needs to show them the possibilities of maths beyond the classroom.

A better learning environment

Some children simply thrive in a 1-1 learning environment, finding it easier to focus and develop and understanding of a subject than they ever could in the classroom. This can be for any number of reasons, including the disruptions and distractions of the classroom environment. It’s also remembering that the learning environment isn’t just physical, its psychological too. If your child feels like they are underperforming compared to their peers, anxiety may set in. Similarly, if your child struggles to build a rapport with their maths teacher, their performance will suffer. Private tuition can provide a calm, welcoming environment where your child can be themselves, and learn their way without any pressure or interruptions. The better they feel about maths and their abilities, the better they will perform.

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