Missing out on formal education can affect your child’s life chances, as well as their education. Thankfully, it doesn’t need to be this way – private tuition can help prepare your child to re-enter the education system and smash their exam results. This article looks at how our tutors supported one out-of-school student to achieve fantastic results in her 11 plus exams, and win a place at a top London school.  

How many children are out of school in the UK?

Being out of school is the reality for an increasing number of students. Statistics suggest that even before the disruption of Covid-19, nearly a quarter of a million children missed out on formal, full-time education during the 2018-2019 academic year.  The global pandemic has only served to increase these figures.

How does being out of school affect a child’s learning?

Being out of school for any length of time means that your child misses out on key stages of learning. It could even mean that children miss out on learning the skills and concepts required to study maths at secondary school. More than this, missing out on learning can affect the child’s self-belief, and leaving them less willing and confident to tackle new challenges in “hard” subjects like maths.

Private maths and science tuition for out-of-school children

Many parents feel confident in supporting their child with subjects like Art, English and History. However, even the most determined home-schooling parents can lack confidence in their own ability when it comes to teaching maths. This is where private tuition can help. An experienced private maths tutor will support your child with 1-1 lessons that deliver all the key national curriculum topics. What’s more, lessons will be tailored to your child’s individual learning needs so they make the best possible progress.

Maths tuition for the 11 plus exam

When we started working with Farzana’s daughter – N –  she was aged 10 and had been out of school for nearly 12 months. N and her family had decided that she would sit the 11+ exam, to give her the best chance of getting into a top London school. However, despite support from her Mother, N had fallen behind with her maths, and her confidence had suffered as a result. Essentially, she was under a lot of pressure, especially for a 10-year-old. 

Our tutors worked with N to identify her strengths and the areas she needed to build on. We used a gentle approach, with lessons built around fun, engaging learning activities. We also used plenty of praise to help build her confidence and bring the joy back into studying. We’re delighted to say that she aced her 11 plus exam and made the cut for 5 of the best schools in London, including City of London and Francis Holland School: Regent’s Park!

We continued to work with N every week as she started her placement at a top London independent School. She is now finishing year 8, and has moved into the top set for maths. In a further boost to her confidence, she received a Certificate of Commendation from the Headmistress. N is currently working on maths content that ahead of her academic year, and the school hopes that she will be able to sit her maths GCSE one year early. What a contrast from the shy, unconfident young lady we met back in 2020.

Private maths tuition in London

George Alexander Tuition is a specialist maths and science tuition agency based in Central London. We support children with a variety of termly tuition packages and exam coaching from 11 plus to A-Level. Our tutors are familiar with the requirements of the CEM and GL exam boards, and have a proven track record of helping students secure a place at their dream school.

If you’d like to book a maths tutor for your child, contact us today. You can reach us at info@gatuition.com, or make an enquiry via our website. You can also follow our social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook. We even have some handy maths tutorials on our YouTube channel.



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